What do you want for 2017?

January 22, 2017 1 Comment

What do you want for 2017?

January is all about dreaming and creating, as well as, the time for our New Year's Resolutions. One of my resolutions is to have more fun this year. Sounds like a silly resolution, right? Well, check out the below video to see how I started having fun this month with my first video blog and learn how a few little reminders can make this be the year we all see our dreams become a reality!

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The Innocence Collection

The Innocence Collection is there to remind you that you can unlock that child-like excitement for new beginnings, you do have the ability to create and imagine, and you are able to make your dreams become a reality! To help you unlock that Innocence inside you, from now until the end of January, receive 20% OFF the entire Innocence Collection with Discount Code: DREAM.


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January 23, 2017

Great reminder!

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