I'm going to be on The Ellen Show!

April 24, 2017

I'm going to be on The Ellen Show!

Did you hear the news? I'm going to be on The Ellen Show!!!! Okay, so I might not be "ON" The Ellen Show (YET) but I will be in her audience!!! Last week, my boyfriend and I found out that we won Ellen's NY to LA Contest. She is flying us out tomorrow and since I can't contain my excitement, I wanted to do something for all of you!

From today until Friday (April 28th), I am declaring this Ellen Week! My entire site will be 30% OFF and everyone that orders during Ellen Week will also receive a FREE Sample Gift Set. (Use discount code below)

Watch our Ellen Week unfold  on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! Happy Ellen Week! 

With love,

*Please note that all orders will be processed when we return on Friday :-)


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